About You

About You

Numeric and you

A fast-moving entrepreneur with great growth goals for your business. A corporate in your previous life, now starting out on your own. A new-tech start-up with all the time in the world for product development, but short of hours to spend on accounts and financial planning. Sound familiar?

These are some of our customers’ stories…

David Gilmore, Start-up Founder

David, aged 32, is the CEO of a start-up tech company with turnover of €1.5 million. He’s just secured second-round funding and is growing fast, but it’s taking him into territory in which he’s not that comfortable. He’s not familiar with financial terminology or with advisor’s investment tools. He’s working long-hours but is serious about maintaining a work-life balance as he’s a keen sportsman.

Sinead Connolly, Investment Director

Sinead has successfully sourced, formed and financed dozens of IP-rich technology ventures and has a strong investment track record. She needs to extend her investment portfolio and advise at board level for multiple IP-rich ventures. She is aware that many of the companies she works with and invests in need better financial control.

Mark Hanly, CTO

Mark’s role is to lead progression and innovation in product development at a three-year-old tech company based in Krakow. His client base is growing but funds for his business remains a constant worry, and strategy for finance is NOT on Mark’s radar. He feels it distracts him from his core function and would welcome a smart alternative to spending hours on figures he’s not that comfortable with. He’s also just started a course to qualify as a blacksmith (a personal passion) so doesn’t want to increase his hours spent working.

Amalie Masmood, CEO

Amalie Masmood is at the top of her game as a company CEO keen to expand her business into US and the Americas. She’s also looking to start a family. Amalie has a hard-working and loyal financial team but feels they’re not as innovative as they could be: she often needs to give input, and this takes her away from her business focus. She doesn’t want to replace her accounts department – just complement them with a tool that can help them be more financially strategic.

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