Training and Advising


Training and Advising

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Does your business use Xero?

There are endless opportunities with Xero. When you choose Xero for your business, it's important to learn how to use it for optimal results. Without training and support, many small businesses do not know the full scope of Xero's capabilities and miss out on some of Xero's most valuable features. We offer Xero Certified Advisor advising and training-based services to assist you with learning how to use Xero to improve the efficiency of your financial management.


Our training sessions are tailored to your specific requirements and cover basic software navigation through key technical areas, such as VAT. Before your training session, we will ask you to fill out an assessment so that we can learn more about your current work with Xero and ensure that the training is relevant to your business and desired outcome.

Would you like to see if you are using Xero to its greatest capacity?

This is what we expect to see if you are using Xero to its greatest potential:
  • Monthly performance report within days of the month end if needed
  • KPI’s for your business; financial and non-financial
  • Daily cash position reconciled and real time cash forecast if needed
  • Live financial forecast / projections
  • Branded board pack with tailored data for different users
If you are NOT checking all of these boxes, we can offer you a FREE assessment of how well you are using it. Follow these steps!


1. Inquiry Completion
To get things started, please fill out the inquiry above so that we can send you information and a brief assessment to fill out!
2. Assessment Completion
Let us know how you currently use Xero and what you hope to get out of it by completing a quick assessment we send over. This will provide us with enough information coming to create a plan coming into the consultation. 
2. Consultation
This 30-minute consultation will allow us to further learn about your business, analyze and interpret the results from the assessment and your goals for the future.
After our call, we will email you a summary of the consultation and a list of next steps. 
4. Implementation Training & Advising
We will provide you with one-on-one relevant training and advising sessions. Our team will show you how to make the most of the tools and features that are relevant to your business. You will discover how you can utilize the powerful features of Xero. Our team will provide ongoing advice and training, as needed.

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