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The Numeric Promise

Whether you are new to Xero or need a better understanding of how your cloud accounting software can improve your financial reporting, we can help you. At Numeric, we save you the overhead cost and headache of finding a quality accounts team, while still providing all the benefits and support of a local in-house team. We provide hands-on financial analysis and strategic advice and counsel to help improve your business processes. We are committed to the highest degree of transparency and accountability.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting platform, so it is accessible from anywhere and can be run on any device or application. Xero provides cloud accounting solutions for small and medium businesses. Xero is the solution of choice for scaling businesses and at Numeric we are focused are supporting businesses that are looking to grow.

Despite its ease of use, many users are not maximizing the software’s capabilities. With over 1000 integrations, Xero gives you a lot of possibilities to tailor the interface to your business needs. Our expert guidance can help you get the most out of your Xero investment by customizing it to your exact needs.

How can we help?

Xero enables all users in the business to work together remotely. We can access your financial data and keep your books up-to-date and perfectly balanced. Our expertise allows us to proudly provide the following services:

Setup and Implementation

This service is designed for decision makers looking to set up Xero for their business, but are not sure where to start! We will come into your business, setup Xero and train you to begin implementing it.

Training, Consulting and Advising

This service is designed to help those who are currently using Xero; to maximise their ROI and reach Xero’s full potential. We will first assess and evaluate your Xero execution and then provide relevant advice to help your enhance your Xero experience.

Integrations and Migration

This service is designed for businesses who are considering migrating to a larger system like Netsuite of Microsoft Dynamics, for example. We will show you how Xero’s 1000+ app integrations can be used as an option, and can give you the functionality of a full ERP system without the technology or people cost to run it.

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