What We Do

What We Do

Making numbers count for you

You Know the Challenge…

And we know it too. When you’re busy building and growing your business, you need financial intelligence to inform your business plan and growth strategy. Financial figures and reporting are the cornerstone of every decision you make, but how do you make the time to drill down to the detail? Does it come at a cost – taking you away from your core business, or causing you to work long hours that means you have to sacrifice the ‘after work you’… your passions, your family and friends? Of course, you need to know what figures are important too - what to look for, how to interpret them and what they mean for your business roadmap. Traditionally you might build up your finance department – moving from bookkeepers up to financial controllers. But can you justify this cost? Is there sufficient work to keep them busy?

We Deliver the Bespoke Solution

We use an approach that’s completely unique – combining the cloud, the strength and mix of our team, and our diverse portfolio of technology partners. We get your financial system talking to ours to build a clear, comprehensive picture of how your business is performing – to give you the numbers you need to make informed decisions. And the real beauty is – we go far beyond the delivery of traditional financial information. We customise a completely bespoke dashboard for you that measures EXACTLY the criteria that’s specific to your business .Then we measure your business against your financial plan each month So, whether it’s information from web traffic, key sales data, information from your funnel and pipeline or efficiency data – we’ll give you the operational measures necessary to really understand how your business is performing. And what you need to do to take the next all-important steps.

How does it work?


We get to know and understand your business and how you run it.


We work with you to understand your vision, goals and business strategy. We determine what growth your finances will allow and assist with putting your financial plan in place.


We link cloud-based accounting technologies to your CRM package, along with other relevant industry software. 


We build you your own bespoke dashboard to monitor what you as a company want and need to know (your Numbers) – NOW.  We also install robust systems of internal control and maintain them. 


We produce live monthly management information and report to your key decision-makers. 


We assist in the preparation of projections, forecasts and budgets and monitor your business against them. 


We ensure the management information systems are best practice, always.

The Detail We Deliver

We manage the day-to-day

We take charge of the accounting routines of your business, preparing your monthly accounts and reporting your financial position to you each month.

We provide knowledge

We give you deep financial data to the level you want it – basic Accounting and Bookkeeping through to Financial Controlling and Financial Directing. So, you can choose how you use us.

We handle the full scope*

We handle monthly financial and management reporting; board reporting; budgeting, forecasting and working capital management; coordination of statutory returns, tax and audit - to make sure you fulfil your legal obligations. *Our role is one of coordination. We are not compliance accountants and do not handle annual returns.

We monitor and measure

From a position of knowledge, we assess the growth you can expect from your business and put the financial plan in place to get you there. You are able to clearly see what your business is going to generate, can identify the cash demands and get to grips with the real potential and risks of your business – while we also implement tailored business systems to help you stay on track.

The Numeric Difference

Knowing your numbers means you’re empowered to make the right, informed decisions – and keep your growth plan on track. You’ll be better placed to know what opportunities are right for you, when you should explore them, and what results you can expect.

We take away the burden of information-overload, and the extra hours you spend getting to grips with financials. You can stay focused on your core business.

You’ll have the detail you need to report to investors and other stakeholders.

You’ll make significant savings on financial control – as much as 25%.

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