What is strategy? In simple terms, it’s a plan but there are a couple of generally acceptable actions that you need to address to have a credible strategy.

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Know your numbers


To run a successful business and give it the opportunity to grow you need to understand where it is at now and how it is doing against your plan for it.  You need to Know Your Numbers, but what are these numbers? … Read More

Mission Space

Mission Space

Mission Space has a big vision to deliver accessible space exploration to the fingertips of everyone. To deliver this they will design, launch and operate the world’s first constellation of orbiting space-based optical telescopes. The launch of the telescopes requires significant funding and project management skills. … Read More



UFODRIVE, an electric car rental company are growing aggressively. They have reached a point where they need timely, accurate and relevant financial information across numerous geographic locations. With new locations continuously coming online, managing capital spend and return on investment is crucial. For them to know their numbers, they need one central point of expertise and support. … Read More

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Numeric Blog

As part of the Numeric service offering I am starting a weekly Blog. Initially this Blog will build an accounting resource for founders, business owners and non-financial executives. As that resource fills out, we will start to add posts on more general business topics to assist founders and business owners … Read More

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ActionPoint are a well-established fast growing technology business with a number of markets they excel in. They continue to grow aggressively year on year both through organic growth and by acquisition. … Read More