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As part of the Numeric service offering I am starting a weekly Blog. Initially this Blog will build an accounting resource for founders, business owners and non-financial executives. As that resource fills out, we will start to add posts on more general business topics to assist founders and business owners.

The intention is to deal with typical accounting and business challenges with a straightforward, jargon free approach. Where possible I will give examples of challenges I have come across in my career to date and some of the innovative solutions I have seen. I will draw on my experience with Timoney Leadership which is worth having a look at it if you’ve taken the interest in this blog .

When setting our strategy in business it is good to set boundaries. It is often easier to describe what we are not doing as opposed to what we are doing. In the Numeric blog I will not be addressing technical accounting challenges unless they are relevant to non-accountants. Those technical topics will be beyond the scope of this blog.

Some of the blog posts will be lengthy as I get to grips with the foundation topics but in time I expect the posts to be shorter and become more specific to challenges that present to us on a weekly basis. As the Numeric journey unfolds, I will look to supplement it with a vlog if that makes sense. Looking forward to the feedback and all interaction is welcome.

Peter Keogh
Founder Numeric

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