Mission Space

Mission Space


Mission Space has a big vision to deliver accessible space exploration to the fingertips of everyone. To deliver this they will design, launch and operate the world’s first constellation of orbiting space-based optical telescopes. The launch of the telescopes requires significant funding and project management skills. The operation of the constellation and delivery of images to the end user requires the development of both the telescopes and unique software platform. From a financial perspective the project requires a mix of financial modelling skills, knowledge of financing options, financial management and controlling skills and crucially the ability to communicate complex financial information to a number of interest groups.


Numeric have been centre stage in the preparation of the financial model, interactions with funders in Europe and the USA, advising on regulations around the SEC, supporting decisions on how to roll out the revenue model, supporting interactions with the European Space Agency and establishing the foundations for the finance team. Most recently hands on assistance with funders, managing the relationship and providing solutions to secure the funding.


Mission Space now has the resources it requires when it needs it to provide information to investors, finance the roll out of the launch and provide monthly management information. At times when this resource is not required, the business does not have to carry unnecessary cost. It is of great comfort to the founders that they can draw on the financial support of a large team only when they need it.

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