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ActionPoint are a well-established fast growing technology business with a number of markets they
excel in. They continue to grow aggressively year on year both through organic growth and by
acquisition. ActionPoint work in an Agile manner as is the nature of modern tech companies and
they need a dynamic finance team that can adapt to the Agile way. They deployed Xero a number of
years ago and as a technology business themselves they rely heavily on the most up to date
technology solutions. At times they have had gaps in their finance capabilities and finance
technology know how.


We have a broad range of talent that we have deployed into Action Point to assist on projects, to
support particular financial management requirements and we have helped shape the future
structure and approach to finances in the business.
Most recently we have coupled our finance technology expertise with our expert team to deliver an
efficient solution in their monthly processing requirement. Also, with this approach we have also
been able to partner with tax expertise to deliver real savings to the business.


Action Point have the freedom to drive on with their business safe in the knowledge that Numeric
are there to support them as they grow. This gives the founders and other directors the freedom to
focus on what they do best and to enable the internal team to focus on other value add functions
such as business line profitability analysis. This partnership approach has led to tangible savings for
the business.

We continue to advise and to support ActionPoint’s focus on Continuous Improvement. Continuous
Improvement is important to ActionPoint, being an ISO 27001 certified business.

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