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I’m writing a blog on remote working and in the process I came across Adam Grantan organizational psychologist who specializes in how we can find motivation and meaning in work, and live more generous and creative lives.

Grant is interviewed by Rich Roll in a recent podcast.  Among a number of items, including the revolution in remote working that could be coming our way, they discuss how we promote our ideas.  I was taken by the Preachers, Prosecutors and Politicians concept.

When we are promoting our ideas we all fall into one of three categories; Preacher, Prosecutor and Politician.  The preacher he says has drunk the ‘elixer’ and now wants everyone to ‘see the light’, delivering lectures to advocate their principles.  I suspect, I fall into this category! I have heard my children accuse me of this once or twice.

The prosecutor sees faults in other peoples thinking and works to prove them wrong.  I am surrounded by lawyers in my life who incidentally are trained in this way of thinking.

When we look to get our ideas across by seeking approval we turn into politicians.  These approaches distract us from finding the truth and lead to the polarisation which is so evident in society.

Grant suggests we take the approach of the scientist.  Be curious and prepared to change your view based on the evidence.  In the interview with Rich Roll they uncover another approach which is to be a ‘light house’, living your life in line with your values and allow others to be attracted or not if the case may be.  Avoid judgement and in line with many other teachings, avoid attachment to the outcome.  Rich Roll uses his choice to live the plant based lifestyle and how he communicates it as an example of this.

I work hard on trying to listen more.  Two ears, one mouth and all that!

The Podcast is worth listening to.

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